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Minutes of the Meeting of May 1, 2003

The Board of Education of the Pacific Grove Unified School District held a meeting on May 1, 2003, at the Pacific Grove High School.
A. Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.

B. Roll Call: Members Present:
Debi Page (arrived at 7:10 p.m.)
Beth Shammas
Jessie Bray
Anne Hall
Richard Schramm

Student Representative
Absent: Jane Franklin

Administrators Present: Patrick Perry, Superintendent
Robin Blakley, Assistant Superintendent

C. Pledge of Allegiance: Recited

D. Adoption of Agenda: MOTION (Bray/Schramm) to adopt amended agenda as noted under Consent Agenda and Action/Discussion. Motion CARRIED 4 to 0.


A. Written Communications:
Schramm: Received many letters regarding reconfiguration and stated that he reads each one and considers them carefully. He also received information from Congress member Zoe Lofgren regarding House Resolution #135 regarding wanting secondary students to be able to sleep until 8:30. He also received a form thank you letter from Bruce McPherson for contacting him.
Bray: Received the same communications as Schramm mentioned, and expressed appreciation for the continued interests of the community.
Hall: Received the same letters from Washington and Sacramento, as well as numerous letters from parents and teachers.
Shammas: Also received letters from the community.
Page: Nothing to add.
Perry: Received an email from Lillian Griffith regarding a budget item that was to be discussed that evening.
B. Board Member Comment:
Schramm: Stated that he was able to attend Forest Grove’s wonderful open house. He thanked everyone who has participated in the budget discussions, thanked everyone for their letters and communications, and thanked the Budget Committee for their efforts. He also mentioned an article in the previous day’s Herald regarding parents of 6th grade students at La Paz in Salinas, who are monitoring to be sure that students are staying on campus, and mentioned that this could be a good model to follow possibly if parents are interested in pursuing.
Bray: Stated that she was able to visit open houses at the high school, middle school and two elementary schools and said how wonderful it was to see everything that is going on in the schools, and that it reminded her of the value of what we are doing here. She also mentioned an article in The Herald regarding the “Best and Brightest of Students” in Monterey County. She expressed congratulations and listed the names of those students who were recognized from Pacific Grove High School: Chen Zhao, Adrienne Howell, Ashley Brewer, Chantel Brischke, Neal Battaglia, and Douglas Carpenter. Bray also announced that she read in the newspaper that the Tinnery is donating 20% of proceeds to the support of Pacific Grove schools.
Hall: Had the pleasure of participating in “Every 15 Minutes” at the high school on April 8. The event included such things as a mock crash, drunk driver, angel of death every 15 minutes taking a student out of class representing the statistics that a death is caused by a drunk driver every 15 minutes. She stated that it was very moving, emotional, and worthwhile, and hoped that it made an impact on the students. Jane Franklin and Katie Miller took first steps in initiating the event, which took 4-5 months to coordinate. She also attended a mock trial put on by Sue Erickson and Mary Hiserman entitled “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” She stated that it was well done, good for the students, and that they were still talking about it the following week. She was also able to attend back to school night at the high school, and noted the wonderful teachers in the District, acknowledging the fact that they have put forth efforts to keep the kids spirits up.
Page: Apologized and explained her late arrival.

C. Superintendent Report:
Perry: Said that Robert H. Down’s spaghetti dinner was excellent. He was able to attend Forest Grove’s and the high school’s open house, which reminded him of the overall successes of the District. Perry announced that he had received great news in the mail from the UC System on the results of the overall performance on the Subject A exam. He stated that the District’s high school students scored higher than any high school in the county. He stated that he forwarded a congratulations note to the English department thanking them for their consistent efforts in offering an outstanding education for the District’s students.


V. CONSENT AGENDA: MOTION (Shammas/Bray) to adopt amended consent agenda

A. Acceptance of Donations
B. Certificated Assignment Order No. 16
C. Classified Assignment Order No. 14
D. Minutes of March 25, 2003 Expulsion Hearing
E. Minutes of March 27, 2003 Study Session
F. Minutes of April 3, 2003 Regular Meeting
G. Warrant Schedule No. 420
H. Revolving Cash Report No. 10
I. Cash Receipts Report No. 10
J. Award of Consultant/Asbestos Inspection Contract for Robert Down School Modernization
K. Award of Technology Consultant Contract for Robert Down School Modernization*

Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

*Note: The Board requested that consent agenda item ‘K’ be modified by striking the fourth bullet from the proposal on page


A. Sub Committee Reports:
City/District (Page/Hall): No report.
Negotiations (Bray/Shammas): Next meeting May 20 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
ROP (Schramm/Shammas): Next meeting Wednesday, May 7 in King City. Also, their open house will be held in Salinas on May 8 at 6:30 p.m. Everyone was encouraged to attend.

B. PGUSD Support for the Annual Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival: Perry introduced Mark Stotzer, Executive Director for the Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival. Stotzer reviewed last year’s successful event, stating that $5,250 in profits was raised. He announced that this year’s festival would be on November 1. New this year, Stotzer requested the support of the Board, stating that they are now officially a non-profit corporation. He left a copy of the corporation documentation and financial report for the Board’s review.
C. First Reading Board Policy 5141.21 Revision: Perry stated that this policy is related to student health conditions. A question was raised regarding medical recommendations on prescriptions, and therefore a paragraph had been added to the policy for the Board’s review.

Public Comment: Marc Afifi, PGTA Co-President, asked for clarification on whether this addition to the policy referred to reminding students to take prescribed medication, or recommending new medications.

D. First Reading Regulation 5125.3: Perry explained that this is a very extensive policy regarding student records. It was realized that there was not a regulation on challenging student records, and that this new regulation was fashioned from CSBA’s recommended language. Bray requested that the Management Team review the regulation, and Perry stated that it would be on their next meeting agenda.


A. Assistant Superintendent Contract Approval: Item pulled – not completed.

B. Naming the Baseball Stadium After Don Curley: Item moved to follow item “J”. MOTION (Bray/Hall) to name the baseball stadium after Mr. Don Curley. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

C. Resolution No. 711 November 4, 2002 School Election: MOTION (Bray/Shammas) to pass Resolution No. 711 to participate in the November 4, 2003 county election. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

D. Resolution No. 712, Reduction of Classified School Services: MOTION (Shammas/Schramm) to adopt Resolution No. 712 in order to reduce classified staffing in Pacific Grove Unified School District for the 2003-2004 school year due to lack of funds. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

E. Administrative Law Judge Findings: Item pulled – District had not yet received the Administrative Law Judge’s Findings.

F. Secondary Course of Study: Perry requested that the Board line out the “Opportunity” course listed under “Other”. MOTION (Bray/Hall) to approve the list as amended, 7th – 12th grade course study. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

G. Resolution 713 – Authorizing Federal Revenues for Child Nutrition to be Expended Initially on Classified Salaries and Benefits Subject PERS: Item was revised (date change from 2004 to 1994), distributed to the Board and made available to the public. MOTION (Bray/Schramm) to adopt the resolution to maximize the District’s revenue limit calculation. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

H. Parcel Tax: Item was distributed to the Board and made available to the public. Blakley explained that the District has discussed parcel tax as a way to generate revenue. He stated that Dale Scott of Dale Scott and Company, Inc. has worked with us on the last bond issue, and that he was willing once again to work with the District in going out for a parcel tax or bond. He went on to explain the tight timelines whether the District tried for the November election or the next opportunity in March. The Board determined that a sub committee would meet with Mr. Scott and then report to the Board. Bray and Hall agreed to serve on this committee.

I. 2003/2004 District Budget: Item reflecting changes made at April 29, 2003 Board study session was distributed to the Board and made available to the public. Perry explained that during the previous study session on April 29 the Board reviewed the proposed budget reduction list and determined which items would remain or be moved out of columns one and two, as those items would most likely be affected by the District’s budget reductions. He stated that the spreadsheet available to the Board and public reflects the actions recommended by the Board that evening. Blakley reviewed, clarified and answered questions regarding each of the items affected. MOTION (Shammas/Schramm) to approve 2003/2004 budget reductions as presented in columns one and two. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

Public Comment: Marc Afifi, PGTA Co-President, stated that he was on the Budget Committee and emphasized that none of the decisions were easy. He asked about the possibility of alternative methods of funding. He also commented with regard to a granted leave to a teacher for child rearing and its effect on triggering rescission of one layoff notice. Kelly Cool, high school parent, volunteer and proud member of the community, stated for clarification that she and the other three classified staff at the high school were not okay with the reduction of hours and pay, that it was not their choice, and that they would like assurance that if the money is reinstated hours would be returned to staff. She stated that they, the “A Team”, love the kids and what they do, and expressed uncertainties as to how the work would get done with additional responsibilities and fewer hours. Charlyce Estes, CSEA President and Budget Committee member, said that Cool expressed most of what she was going to say. She stated that the Budget Committee tried to stay away from what would affect people, and that all of the cuts affect the classroom. She stated that in a crisis situation all classified staff were willing to do their part. She stated that if these reductions go through, there must be reduction in services, and that it could not be business as usual.

Perry: Explained with regard to alternative fund raising, that there is an organized effort in the District, where a committee of four is initiating fund raising activities, in addition to the parcel tax, and that a proposal would be brought to the Board in the future. With regard to layoffs, he explained that the District would act as quickly as possible once the administrative law judge’s decision has been received. Regarding high school staff being reinstated if resources come back to the District, Perry explained that if revenue becomes available the entire list would go back to the Board.

J. School Reconfiguration/Closure: Perry explained that the timeline between now and the last day of school, if we don’t hear from the Governor and we need to pursue closure, would be extremely accelerated, and that if the Board wants to pursue it we would have information to bring to the Board by the first of June. Page mentioned the possibility of delaying the start of school, if necessary. She went on to explain that school reconfiguration had been on the agenda even prior to the budget situation due to enrollment balancing, and that we may have to address the issue again.

Public Comment: Bonnie Pieper asked if the issue of closing Robert H. Down would be revisited.

K. Board Calendar/Future Meetings: The Board agreed to hold a special meeting on May 8, 2003 in order to review the administrative law judge’s findings. The Board also agreed to schedule an additional special meeting on August 7, 2003 in the event that action needs to be taken in light of the budget uncertainties. MOTION (Hall/Schramm) to add these special meetings to the Board calendar. Motion CARRIED 5 to 0.

L. Future Agenda Items: Page stated that she would like to honor Jane Franklin and Katie Miller, the two student leaders who initiated the Every 15 Minutes program at the high school. Bray submitted a request for information regarding remodeling and a second elevator at the middle school.


Submitted by,

Patrick Perry, Secretary
Board of Education

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