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Master Plan

Communications, Administrative, and Projects...

Communications, Administrative, and Projects...

The Measure D Communications Plan will serve as a guide to effectively communicate with the Pacific Grove Unified School District community.  Communications will consist of project goals, site impacts, and timelines, all while ensuring transparency for the expenditure of bond funds.  Communication needs to be widely circulated, efficiently organized for the target audience, and accessible. 
The Measure D administrative Plan will serve as a guide to the Board, Administration, and Staff for effectively managing the Bond.  The Administrative Plan will focus on consistency, transparency, and efficiency to how Measure D is managed and overseen.  Bond projects and purchases need in-depth planning to assure the overall success of the Measure D.
The Projects Plan consists of projects that were identified by staff as “Priority” maintenance needs.  Projects were assessed by the Facilities Department and given a priority according to the remaining life of the system.  Beginning in October of 2018 the Priority List was presented to the Board to assess the need and amount of a maintenance bond. 
After approval of the bond the list was modified combining system life expectancy, bond cash flow, and future replacement timing the projects were given an anticipated start date.  This plan is intended as a guideline and allows for proper project planning.
Master Plan Goals

Master Plan Goals

  • Inform the Board of Education
  • Consistently demonstrate transparency
  • Promote progress and good news
  • Communicate and link bond progress to the District’s commitment to voters
  • Educate stakeholders to the “why” of projects
  • Build and maintain community trust
  • Consistent Decision Making
  • Effective and Efficient Oversight
  • Transparency to Project Approvals
  • Allow for effective project planning
  • Build and maintain community trust
  • Prioritize the Maintenance Needs of the District
  • Provide a Cash Flow of Spending
  • Establish timing of system replacement
  • Planning for future systems replacement 25+ years into the future
  • Build and maintain community trust
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