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VOIP Phones

Resources for using our VOIP (8x8) Phone System

Resources for using our VOIP (8x8) Phone System

Web Browser

Point any browser to

Physical Phone

VVX 250
VVX 450

Mobile Device

Download and install the app


Install the Computer Application
  • Windows - select the "Download for PC" button
  • Mac - select the "Download for Mac" button
Initial Steps

Initial Steps

  1. Log into
  2. User your username/password from an email or contact your front office
  3. Create Internal & External Voicemails: Settings (Gear Icon) > Voicemail > Add Greeting
  4. Set pin: Settings (Gear icon) > Account Settings (this will open in a new window) > Voicemail Settings > scroll down > Reset Access PIN
Check Voicemail on your phone by inputting: 555
Watch this video for Voicemail setup including creating greetings, pin and notifications.