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Priority 7: Broad Course of Study

Pacific Grove Unified School District tracks progress in meeting Priority 7 standards by undertaking a qualitative and quantitative review of course offerings, class schedules, and school schedules to assess the extent to which all students have access to and are enrolled in a broad course of studies Additionally, course enrollment reports developed in the district’s student information system identify access and enrollment based upon grade spans, unduplicated student groups, and students with exceptional needs. Quantitative data tables reflecting the percent of students with access to and/or enrolled in a broad course of study were constructed. For the 2017-2018 year, 100% of Pacific Grove Unified School District’s students had full access to a broad course of study as defined by California Education Code 51210 and 51220(a)-(i).  
All PGUSD students in grades TK-5 are enrolled in a broad course of study. Both elementary schools offer access and enrollment in the seven areas identified as a broad course of study for grades 1-5. All elementary students have access to visual and performing arts within the regular school day.
All PGUSD secondary students have access to a broad course of studies within their school offerings. The middle school offers a comprehensive visual and performing arts course selection. For example, students have access to Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, String Orchestra, and Jazz Band/Combo within and after the school day as well. Additionally, students also engage in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) through their science class and instructional wheel in 6th grade. Other courses offered include Leadership, Home Economics, Nutrition, Advancement Via Academic Determination (AVID), and Computer Video Bulletin. Students who require additional supports are offered transition English and Math classes, learning center, and study halls to support student academic achievement.
Every year the high school staff present the course bulletin for board approval and all courses are evaluated to ensure students have access to offerings that are approved A to G as well as a variety of Honors, AP (Advanced Placement), and Career Technical Education (CTE) Industry Pathways. Every year the high school increases its CTE pathways to increase its variety. Examples of pathways include:  Design & Media Arts (ART, Photography), Information Support Services (College Dual Enrollment), Software & Systems Development, Health Science & Medical Technology, and Food Service & Hospitality. Other College Dual Enrollment classes are offered as part of the Capstone projects for CTE completion. All courses offered at the high school are A to G approved for CSU/UC except for AVID (9, 10, 11), Leadership, Physical Education, and the Transitional Special Education program for students age 18-22.
Barriers preventing PGUSD from maximizing broad course of study offerings to all students include 1. limited time during the regular school day for students to take additional courses, 2. a limited staff size to match the needs of a small student body in comparison to larger comprehensive high schools. Based on a need to increase students successfully graduating with A to G completion, the LCAP identified increasing counseling hours to support students. A regular analysis of enrollment in a broad course of studies helps to inform the district as it makes decisions on offerings and using the LCAP as a planning and budgetary tool to support Priority 7.