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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Pacific Grove Unified School District
PGUSD GATE, or PGUSD Gifted and Talented Education, is a grant-funded academic enrichment service offered at every PGUSD school, grades 4-12.
In PGUSD, if your student needs or would enjoy a more challenging academic experience, our staff will work with your family to accomplish that. We aim to nurture the gifts and talents of every student.
How is GATE funded?
All PGUSD GATE programs are funded through the incredible generosity of The Monterey Peninsula Foundation and The William McCaskey Chapman & Adaline Dinsmore Chapman Foundation. These generous grants are distributed each year to support these enrichment programs that go beyond the state requirements of grade-level education, and that enhance the academic experience of our students.
For more information about these two philanthropic organizations, please visit their websites:
  • The Chapman Foundation:                   
  • Monterey Peninsula Foundation:           
How can students participate in GATE programs?
PGUSD Elementary Schools: PGUSD GATE casts a wide net at the elementary level. We aim to identify both those students who show a clear need for enriched instruction (via a formal GATE evaluation process), as well those students who might remain unidentified by traditional criteria, but would clearly benefit from an extra academic challenge. Our inclusive academic enrichment model allows our teachers to provide advanced curricula for all students who show interest in going beyond the grade-level standards. In collaboration with a district GATE teacher, and using both formal and informal assessments, our highly-qualified instructional staff meets every student where they are- be that at a beginning level, or an advanced level. Our teachers do their very best to provide differentiated enrichment opportunities for more advanced learning whenever possible, and PGUSD supports our teachers in achieving that goal.
Additionally, both of our elementary schools offer a wide variety of After-School Enrichment programs (ASE) that students may opt to enroll in each semester. For more information on the PGUSD ASE programs and how to formally enroll your student(s), please visit that section of our website.
PGUSD Secondary Schools: At both the middle school and high school levels, students simply choose to participate in our enrichment programs (grades 6-12). We offer a wide array of GATE-sponsored clubs, and encourage every interested student to take advantage of these wonderful character and resume-building experiences. Typically, there is no formal enrollment process for most GATE enrichment programs, and most clubs have no limit on the number of students who can participate. (Note that some clubs may have additional requirements; please ask the program teacher for more information.)
Students are encouraged to talk to their school counselors in order to find out more about the advanced academic activities available at their school, including Honors and AP courses, or even college dual enrollment! Most advanced academic classes have entrance requirements and/or prerequisites, so please see the PGHS and PGMS Course Bulletins, or ask your school site counselors, for more information.
What kinds of GATE activities can my student look forward to?
After-school GATE classes and clubs vary from year to year, and reflect the interests and passions of our PGUSD students and teachers. Although some programs are recurring, others are unique.  Please contact your student’s school for more information on the GATE and ASE services at each individual school site.
Some of the enrichment courses that GATE grant funds have supported in the past include:

  • Computer programming
  • Peer Leadership
  • Advanced Music Performance
  • Model United Nations
  • Robotics
  • Advanced Culinary Arts
  • Civic Action
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Media Literacy
  • Advanced Sports Medicine
  • Underwater rovers/Oceanography
  • Forensics and Fairy Tales
  • Junior Great Books
  • Special Topics: Exploring Picasso
  • Broadcasting and Video Production
  • Mock Trial
Where can I get more information about GATE?
Are there other enrichment programs available on the Monterey Peninsula?
Monterey County offers many wonderful community-based enrichment opportunities for learners of all ages. We encourage you to explore some of these fine local agencies:
For more information on GATE services and enrichment opportunities at your student’s school, please contact your school site counselors.