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PGUSD Extracurricular Enrichment

Pacific Grove High School

Pacific Grove High School

For more information about Athletics, contact Ms. Lauralea Gaona:
For more information on PGHS clubs, contact Dr. Larry Haggquist:
Pacific grove middle school

Pacific grove middle school

  • Video Game Club: Talk about and play video games with Mr. Roach. Interested? Send an email to Mr. Roach for more info (
  • Everything but the Sports: Play sports trivia, have sports debates, watch games together, build team spirit, and more with Mr. Hull (
  • Amazing Art Club: get better at art and have fun talking about different artists with Mrs. Mills (
  • Surf Club: Talk about surfing, waves, competitions, movies and all other things “surf!” Email Mr. Dorey ( or Mr. Tovani ( for more information!
  • Math Club: Work on fun math problems and train for future math competitions with Mr. Kong (
  • Children to Children Club: Work with other students to bring awareness and raise funds for the Remera Mbogo orphanage in Rwanda. For more info, contact Mrs. Mahr (
  • Blender Animation Group: Use Blender software to make creative animations, Email Mrs. Pettas if you are interested (
  • Roblox Lunch Club: Have fun playing the games and activities on Roblox and Roblox Studio with Ms. Parsons (
  • Friendship Bracelets! Make neat bracelets and have fun with new friends. Contact Ms. Tuinenga if you are interested in joining in! (
  • Greek Mythology Club: read and talk about Greek Myths. The club will even try to create a produce a short comedy using all the things we learn! Email Mrs. Parsons if you’re feeling Greek! (
  • Friday Fun Lunch Club: A mix of fun activities, including arts and crafts, working on homework together, socializing, and just having a nice time together online. Email Mrs. Milligan if you are interested (
  • The Comic Books Club: A great place for members to discuss superheroes, villains, super teams, theories, movies, and anything else comic-related! Email Mr. Roach if you are interested (
robert down and forest grove elementary schools

robert down and forest grove elementary schools

  • Book Club (for more information, email: Sonda Frudden @
  • STEM Club (for more information, email Stephanie Pechan @
  • PG High’s National Honor Society (NHS) is sponsoring a number of fun opportunities, including:
      • Storytime for grades K-2
      • Creative Writing for grades 3-5
      • Music for grade 4 
      • These virtual classes will be run by NHS student leaders who are volunteering their time to sponsor these three fun activities for our elementary-aged students
      • For more information, email the NHS club sponsor: Katie Selfridge ( 
other agencies and opportunities for agencies to consider

other agencies and opportunities for agencies to consider

Monterey County offers many wonderful community-based enrichment opportunities for learners of all ages. We encourage you to explore some of these fine local agencies on your own:
For more information on enrichment opportunities at your student’s school, please contact your school site counselors.