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As part of our commitment to digital safety, we will be offering our employees cyber security training from the K-12 High-Speed Network TAPD (Technical Assistance and Professional Development) Program.  Learn more here:
The CEP (Cyber Security Education) Program will offer lessons and practice tests, for example, how many employees at PGUSD are susceptible to spam/phishing attacks.  We plan to post the results of simulated attacks here.  Our goal is to eliminate any risk to you personally or to the district from these threats.
One threat is that a school user unknowingly clicks on an attachment that allows criminals to hold the district’s data hostage; ransomware attack.  This YouTube video reports on a district that paid $10,000 to get its data back from such an attack:
Important Cybersecurity Resources: 
We will also offer resources you can use in  your classroom and ways to protect yourself at home!