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Digital Safety



Pacific Grove Unified School District continues to offer resources to our community on Digital Safety and Citizenship. These resources cover topics such as cyberbullying, protecting your child's reputation, screentime, online etiquette, respecting creative work, research skills, plagiarism, and more.  We will be constantly adding more resources and information to this part of our website as we get them.
Responsible/Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
To access the full version of the new Responsible Use Agreement for students and parents,  This updated agreement reflects our District's rules regarding the student use of district-issued technology both on and off-campus.

PGUSD obtains many of its digital safety resources from Common Sense Media. For more information visit their website at
Did You Know?
  • 43% of teens have been victims of cyberbullying (about 14 students in a class of 33).
  • 53% of teens have sent a hurtful message via technology.
  • Only 10% of cyberbullying victims tell their parents.
  • The legal age to use Facebook, Twiter, and other social media apps is 13.
Digital Safety Parent Resources and Partnerships
Dr. Delaney Ruston's movies "Screenagers" and "Screenagers 2" were presented to the PGUSD community (2016 and 2018).  Dr. Ruston's blogs and parent resources are fantastic sources of information and strategies for supporting parents in finding a healthy balance of tech use at home. 
Our long-standing partnership with SamrtSocial and their founder Mr. Josh Ochs has been invaluable. Josh is an active, leading expert on digital safety and specifically when it comes to how kids use social media apps. His parent resources are fantastic. We encourage you to sign up for Josh's podcasts and Parent University workshops.
This site has videos and games for parents and students and covers topics like appropriate internet use, internet safety, fraud, cell phone use and lots more.
Provides tips for both parents and children. There are lots of resources that can be downloaded in text or video format.
This is a great site that provides resources for parents, teachers, and kids. There are videos and even books you can get from this site. The books are stories that you can read to your children to teach them about online safety and the videos are made for kids as well that are fun to watch and provide a learning experience.
This site strengthens the understanding of what "Digital Citizenship" is and provides resources on the responsible use of technology. It provides lots of resources on the topic of Social Networking.
Provides definitions and examples of what cyberbullying is as well as steps to take when cyberbullying occurs. Also shares reasons as to why cyberbullying occurs.
Combats misunderstanding and nurtures democracy through education programs.

Understanding Cyberbullying in college
Tips, Tools & Solutions for Recognizing and Stopping Bullying on Social Media and Online

Clinical Trials on the Effects of Bullying
Resource page provided by Policy Lab with information on bullying and information specifically for clinical research associated with bullying. A list of current bullying clinical trials offered by is provided.

Student Bullying Awareness Guide