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Injury & Illness Prevention Plan

This Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is established in accordance with the requirements of the California Labor Code Section 6401.7 (SB 198) and the Injury and Illness Prevention Standard, California General Industry Safety Order Code of Regulations, Title 8, §3203. This program is intended to ensure all Pacific Grove Unified School District employees' occupational safety and health regardless of position and job tasks. This program is a component of the Pacific Grove Unified School District Loss Control Program. Effective August 4, 2020, the IIPP is fully revised, and this document becomes the Pacific Grove Unified School District Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Only the Superintendent or the appointing authority may amend this IIPP. Each Pacific Grove Unified District school/district office shall develop safety policies specific to their procedures and operation to comply with the requirements of § 3203, California Code of Regulations, and Title 8. This IIPP does not supersede any law, legal requirement, regulation, or Pacific Grove Unified School District policy.