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Dear Military families,

Dear Military families,

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to PGUSD. Our hope is that your student has a smooth transition into our district. We know the importance of available resources, and providing answers to your questions will be my primary concern.
PGUSD has many resources which are tailored to meet the needs of all its students. School Liaison Officers offer the following services to military families:
  • Special needs communications liaison between military families and their school.
  • Scheduled meeting times available for parents to meet and to discuss their children’s academic concerns.
  • Working with students of military families to support academic and social needs arising from transition issues.
The goals of the military liaison program are to identify barriers to academic success and develop solutions; promote parental involvement in their children’s education; develop and coordinate military partnerships in education; provide parents with the tools they need to overcome obstacles to education that stem from the military lifestyle; and to promote and educate local communities and schools regarding the needs of military children.If you have any questions or would like to meet with a School Liaison Officer feel free to use one of the phone numbers below.

School Liaison Officers

  • Presidio - 831-242-6904
  • Navy - 831-656-1008
Other Resources

Other Resources

External Resources are not endorsed by the district