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K-12 Residency Requirements for PGUSD Schools

K-12 Residency Requirements for PGUSD Schools

(Residency requirements do not apply for Adult Education classes)
To attend the PGUSD schools, a student must live within the district boundary- which generally means within Pacific Grove city limits, or in Pebble Beach between Pacific Grove and the Bird Rock area.  See general map below. (Those between Bird Rock and Carmel should contact the Carmel USD or Monterey Peninsula Unified School District to determine in which district they reside.  Board Policy 5111.1 requires enforcement of the residency requirement.).
For new students to PGUSD, proof of residence must be brought to the school/district office for verification. If you have any questions about residency or where your current or future address lies relative to the boundary, please call the Business Office at 831-646-6517.
Interdistrict Attendance

Interdistrict Attendance

As a “basic aid” school district that does not receive State funding to educate students who do not reside within district boundaries, the Pacific Grove Unified School District has a general policy of not accepting interdistrict transfer students, except in specific situations.  For more information, the District’s Interdistrict Attendance Policy and Regulation 5117 may be accessed on the District’s  website at:
Regarding applications for interdistrict transfer requests:
  • The District will begin accepting and processing interdistrict transfer requests for the next school year on January 1.
  • The reasons the District may approve an interdistrict transfer request, which are defined more fully in Board Policy 5117 and Administrative Regulation 5117, include:
  • Students moving into the District in the immediate future;
  • Students of District employees living outside of District boundaries;
  • Students with mid-year residency changes;
  • High school students who have completed 10th grade, juniors and seniors, with existing interdistrict attendance permits; and
  •  Victims of bullying.
  • The District will consider the following factors before granting an interdistrict transfer:
    • Whether there is available space to admit the student without disruption of the current student-teacher ratios.
    • The student’s school record, including any discipline and attendance problems.
    • Whether educating the student may cost the District more than the District will receive in additional state aid and which may cause additional cumulative demands upon District resources.
    Supporting Documentation. Parents and guardians will be required to submit information and documents to support their application(s) for interdistrict attendance.  That information at a minimum shall include:
    • The address within the District and other supporting documentation to which the student will be moving to in the immediate future where the application is based on b)1 above.
    • The work hours of District employees who are requesting transfer into the district under b)2 above.
    • The date of the mid-year residency change for transfers under b)3 above.
    Within ten (10) calendar days of the date listed on the denial, an appeal may be filed with the District Superintendent.
    Abandonment of the Interdistrict Transfer Request.
    A parent/guardian’s failure to meet any timelines established by the District will be deemed an abandonment of the request.
    Timelines for Processing a Request.
    • The District will notify requesting parents within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received.
    • Parents who made a “future request” for interdistrict transfer received up until 15 calendar days before the commencement of instruction in the school for which interdistrict transfer is sought will be notified no later than 14 calendar days after the commencement of instruction in the school year for which interdistrict transfer is sought. See Administrative Regulation 5117 for more detail.
    Conditions Under Which an Interdistrict Transfer Request may be Revoked or Rescinded.
    PGUSD Boundary Map
    PGUSD Boundary Map
    If you have any questions about residency or where your current or future address lies relative to the boundary, please call the Business Office at 831-646-6517.